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The Science

The Science

Not so long ago, dogs and cats lived freely and provided their own daily nourishment. From the killed animal nature provided them with the necessary vitamins, minerals, macro and micro elements, and especially growth-factors. This natural process provided them with the biological balance necessary for their reproduction, development, and survival.


However, today’s domesticated dogs and cats no longer live in the wild and do not feed themselves. Their development and health depend on us people and the living conditions provided for them. Although life expectancy has increased age-related diseases have also become more common, just to mention musculoskeletal and joint pains, hair-skin problems, and digestive problems and mood swings.


The award-winning active ingredient in BiogenicPET Vitality is standardized oligopeptide (Humanofort) extracted from the tissue of fertilized hen eggs  containing natural growth-factors (not to be confused with growth hormones).

BiogenicPet Vitality contains no hormones! The active ingredient contains a range of naturally occurring growth factors which are low molecular weight oligopeptides permitting them to pass through the digestive system intact for nutrient uptake in the small intestine, primarily through pinocytosis.

The peptides contained in the active ingredient are characterized as adaptogenic which can help modify the equilibrium of hormones secreted by the adrenal cortex. This adaptogenic activity is a consequence of cellular metabolism optimization and hormonal balancing exerted by the growth factors from the standardized oligopeptides extract on the adrenal cortex.

These peptides help to stimulate the division of mature cells, significantly aiding in the decreased mortality of older cells, and assist the body in normalizing numerous cellular processes by activating the Fibroblast Growth Factor receptors. When this occurs healing is accelerated and a variety of cellular processes are normalized resulting in cellular regeneration. 


BiogenicPet Vitality helps bring balance to the body’s stress response system, the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal-axis, which assists the entire endocrine system in achieving efficient homeostasis and operation. Subsequently, the endocrine system secretes hormones at optimum levels resulting in improved cellular signaling. Improved cellular signaling results in enhanced function and cellular rejuvenation and ultimately translates to optimal longevity and restoration of youthful vitality to the body.


Growth Factors are responsible for reprogramming adult stem cells and amino acids in the body, which consist the building blocks and framework of cellular repair mechanism. Extensive scientific research   credits Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGF) as the essential growth factor that reprograms adult stem cells and thus overall cellular regeneration. The 5 core natural growth factors are:




“The BiogenicPET Vitality’s excellent effect is due to the elements it contains. First of all, due to the Humanofort, which is made of growth factors produced by embrional origin so called „multipotent” cells. The multipotents cells can be found in the first period of the embryonic growth and are able for an intense cell division and differentation, moreover there are several tissue types may develop from them. Those growth factors that can be found in multipotent cells are responsible for producing different types of tissues. These are the factors that the medical use of Humanofort takes advantage of.
Insulin-like-Growth-Factors (IGF-1, IGF-2) They play an important role in  liver, kidney and brain growth, moreover the balance of the hormone household. This in turn have a beneficial effect on the adrenocortical hormone production. 
Nerve-Growth-Factors (NGF) protect the viability and integrity of neurons and promotes neural cell survival thus alleviates anxiety and depression, maintain the health of the nervous system. This in turn keeps the animal alert and enhances the ability to concentrate.
Connective-Tissue-Growth-Factors (CTGF) promotes collagen production and affects tissues first which improves ligament functions and alleviates joint pains. 
Fibroblast-Growth-Factors (FGF) play an important role in the development of skeleton and nervous system, moreover stimulate their regeneration. 
Epithelial-Growth-Factors (EGF) help to regenerate various wounds more quickly moreover promotes skin tissue and hair growth. The dog’s and cat’s fur will become shinier, and reduce shedding. 
"An 11 years old dog has been having steroid therapy due to limping on hind legs. Started with magnetotherapy and BiogenicPET Vitality therapy, moreover left steroid at the same time. The dog’s condition has significantly improved and doesn’t have any symptoms.” 



Since the first product launch with standardized oligopeptides in 2004 there have been a number of clinical pilot trials conducted by veterinary clinics in California and Hungary and by the Veterinary University of Budapest, Hungary.  Below are some of the clinical pilot studies with standardized oligopeptide growth-factor therapy that has been published: 
- Study of the effect of an orally administered oligopeptide complex of embryonic origin (Humanofort® ) in the medicinal management of inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders accompanied by chronic pain in dogs  - Hungarian Veterinarian Journal 2014/4, 136, 235-240. - Click here to download
- Clinical Experience with Growth Factor Therapy in our Hungarian Veterinary Practice by Dr. Róbert Gippert lead-veterinarian at the Small Animal Practice, Kapsovár, Hungary - Small Animal Practice Journal 2008, 2nd issue, page 78. - Click here to download