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2008 / Dr. Robert Gippert, DVM / Kaposvár Animal Clinic

2008 / Dr. Robert Gippert, DVM / Kaposvár Animal Clinic

Personally I was most interested in cases where the disease is a result of hormone imbalance. As you know, the alternatives are scarce or very expensive in the treatment of these. In the clinical study, I’ve examined and administered the use of standardized oligopeptide formula with 40 of my patients. Conditions included Diabetes Mellitus and Insipidus, Cushing’s disease, Hypothyroidism, Idiopathic colitis.

Also, dogs who were recovering from surgery, suffering from skin problems, and dogs with locomotor disorder. In most cases the results were positive and the conditions were improving. To summarize my clinical experience with this formula, I am confident that the formula considerably improves the medical conditions stated in the indications.

In treatment of hormonal imbalance, this formula fills a prominent gap: in a lot of cases, we lack alternatives. I am happy to recommend this product, because I believe it will be a useful formula in the everyday practice of numerous colleagues, not only as a supplement, but also in helping to address the underlying causes. The planned consumer price is very reasonable even for our not-so-wealthy clients, and that is something to consider in today’s world.

Robert Gippert, DVM
Kaposvár Animal Clinic
Kaposvár, Hungary