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2007 / Dr. Neal K. Weiner / Lewiston Animal Clinic, Lewiston, California

2007 / Dr. Neal K. Weiner / Lewiston Animal Clinic, Lewiston, California

In my veterinarian practice, I routinely treat dogs suffering from Cushing's disease, joint-related issues, and from geriatric conditions. I have always been an advocate of preventative health care and the necessity of high-quality nutrition in the daily diet to promote good health and maintain a healthy life. This past year I was introduced to a new dietary supplement for dogs and cats containing standardized oligopeptides, and I now recommend them to all of my canine and feline patients to be incorporated with existing prescribed treatments.

I have personally witnessed extremely impressive results within a relatively short period of time on dogs diagnosed with Cushing's disease, and I have seen favorable results when treating dogs and cats suffering from arthritis, diabetes, hot spots, anxiety issues, hip dysplasia, and liver toxicity. Also, many geriatric dogs have now shown increased energy and mobility and a demonstrable appearance of overall well-being. Recovery time for dogs recuperating from surgeries has also been reduced.

I recommend this proprietary formula for dogs and cats of all ages, to be used as a daily tool for good health maintenance and as supplement to be used along with their existing treatment program.

Neal K. Weiner, DVM
Lewiston Animal Clinic
Lewiston, California