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2005 / Ava V. Ackerman, DVM / Belmont Pet Hospital, Belmont, California

2005 / Ava V. Ackerman, DVM / Belmont Pet Hospital, Belmont, California

"In 2005 I conducted the first study to support the safety and efficacy of standardized oligopeptide formula. The study focused on aging dogs with orthopedic challenges and dogs with suspected or diagnosed Cushing's disease. Laboratory work, including chemistries, CBC's, thyroid and cortisol levels, was performed both before and after the administration of standardized oligopeptides.

No adverse effects were noted. One participant, an aging Labrador Retriever with significant mobility problems, was taking painkiller medication and Glucosomine prior to the study with little or no results. The owner was considering euthanasia. Within a very short time after adding the formula to his diet, the dog became as mobile as a puppy. Nothing else as added or changed in his treatment.

Now, two years later, this same dog is taking only the standardized oligopeptide formula and no more drugs. Remarkable results were also shown on dogs with Cushing's disease who became active and playful again once put on this regime. Presently, I have about 25 patients taking this formula and the responses are overwhelmingly positive.

Ava. V. Ackerman, DVM
Belmont Pet Hospital
Belmont, California