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Recommended by Veterinarians

2005 / Ava V. Ackerman, DVM / Belmont Pet Hospital, Belmont, California

"In 2005 I conducted the first study to support the safety and efficacy of standardized oligopeptide formula. The study focused on aging dogs with orthopedic challenges and dogs with suspected or diagnosed Cushing's disease. Laboratory work, including chemistries, CBC's, thyroid and cortisol levels, was performed both before and after the administration of standardized oligopeptides.

No adverse effects were noted. One participant, an aging Labrador Retriever with significant mobility problems, was taking painkiller medication and Glucosomine prior to the study with little or no results. The owner was considering euthanasia. Within a very short time after adding the formula to his diet, the dog became as mobile as a puppy. Nothing else as added or changed in his treatment.

Now, two years later, this same dog is taking only the standardized oligopeptide formula and no more drugs. Remarkable results were also shown on dogs with Cushing's disease who became active and playful again once put on this regime. Presently, I have about 25 patients taking this formula and the responses are overwhelmingly positive.

2006 / Dr. Gerard Buchoff, BVSc / Holistic Pet Care, West Patterson, New Jersey

"The standardized oligopeptide formula is having profound effects on over 66% of the 65+ canine and feline participants in an ongoing clinical study at the Holistic Pet Care clinic, New Jersey. It is especially beneficial in cases of hormone imbalance and neuromuscular deficiency in older dogs. Benefits are also reported in areas of strength, energy, stamina, alertness, disposition and agility.

Many with poor appetites are once again enjoying food and gaining healthy weight. I also highly recommend this formula for maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for healthy dogs, as well. It varies, but I have about 45 patients on this formula.

2007 / Dr. Neal K. Weiner / Lewiston Animal Clinic, Lewiston, California

In my veterinarian practice, I routinely treat dogs suffering from Cushing's disease, joint-related issues, and from geriatric conditions. I have always been an advocate of preventative health care and the necessity of high-quality nutrition in the daily diet to promote good health and maintain a healthy life. This past year I was introduced to a new dietary supplement for dogs and cats containing standardized oligopeptides, and I now recommend them to all of my canine and feline patients to be incorporated with existing prescribed treatments.

I have personally witnessed extremely impressive results within a relatively short period of time on dogs diagnosed with Cushing's disease, and I have seen favorable results when treating dogs and cats suffering from arthritis, diabetes, hot spots, anxiety issues, hip dysplasia, and liver toxicity. Also, many geriatric dogs have now shown increased energy and mobility and a demonstrable appearance of overall well-being. Recovery time for dogs recuperating from surgeries has also been reduced.

I recommend this proprietary formula for dogs and cats of all ages, to be used as a daily tool for good health maintenance and as supplement to be used along with their existing treatment program.

2008 / Dr. Robert Gippert, DVM / Kaposvár Animal Clinic

Personally I was most interested in cases where the disease is a result of hormone imbalance. As you know, the alternatives are scarce or very expensive in the treatment of these. In the clinical study, I’ve examined and administered the use of standardized oligopeptide formula with 40 of my patients. Conditions included Diabetes Mellitus and Insipidus, Cushing’s disease, Hypothyroidism, Idiopathic colitis.

Also, dogs who were recovering from surgery, suffering from skin problems, and dogs with locomotor disorder. In most cases the results were positive and the conditions were improving. To summarize my clinical experience with this formula, I am confident that the formula considerably improves the medical conditions stated in the indications.

In treatment of hormonal imbalance, this formula fills a prominent gap: in a lot of cases, we lack alternatives. I am happy to recommend this product, because I believe it will be a useful formula in the everyday practice of numerous colleagues, not only as a supplement, but also in helping to address the underlying causes. The planned consumer price is very reasonable even for our not-so-wealthy clients, and that is something to consider in today’s world.


Humanofort - The only patent protected product that contains natural growth factors which are extracted from natural materials through a pharmaceutical process. Growth factors are embryonic origin standardized oligopeptides, also known as short chain proteins.

Selenium - One of the most important microelement that reaches its effect as an indispensable part of an enzyme thus preserves the boundary membrane of cells. This way contributes greatly to slow down aging and inhibits development of cancer.

E-vitamin - Due to its antioxidant effect it is an important vitamin, which binds free radicals which are created during cellular metabolism. This way it preserves cells integrity

I started treating my own 9 years old Spaniel with BiogenicPET Vitality tablet because lately its movement was significantly getting worse, became slow. After 2 weeks of therapy I saw the signs of recovery; climbing the stairs were not a problem anymore and he moves much easier than before the treatment.


Articular diseases with chronic pain can occur in one-fifth of dogs. Long-standing inflammation can be caused by; hip dysplasia, rupture of ligament, kneecap sprain or other joint traumas. These inflammations may progress to be joint degeneration, however, with advancing age (over 5-6 years) bones, gristles and ligaments which are part of the joint, can be degenerated in a natural way as well. In terms of these, large-bodied and overweight dogs are especially endangered. The Connective-Tissue-Growth-Factor therapy is suitable for chronic painful joint diseases to supplement the treatment of affected dogs. In addition to these, it is also suitable for using alone to regenerate articular cartilages, connective tissues thus reduce pain.

A 12 years old English bulldog’s treatment began due to movement sickness. After one pack of BiogenicPet Vitality its movement has recovered, physical activity became normal again. The English bulldog is completely rejuvenated.


The protection of cells of aging dogs and reducing the oxidative stress is vital for longevity. The natural growth-factors in standardized oligopeptides bind free radicals formed during cellular metabolism thus preserves the animals’ cellular health. It’s antioxidant ingredients help slow down the aging process. The BiogenicPET Vitality is a natural remedy that rejuvenates the body. It’s active ingredients stimulates the regeneration of injured or inflamed tissues, moreover vitalize aging cells.

A more than ten years old Puli showed weakness, fatigability, and signs of old age. There were no other complaints. After a few weeks starting on the BiogenicPET Vitality the dog began showing general vitalizing effect. This dog has been taking this product for 3 months and the owner along with the vet is very satisfied with the result of the therapy.


The regeneration of epithelium is a time consuming process. Even in case of a healthy dog, healing of skin and mucosa injuries also takes 7-10 days. In an aging body, free radicals are increasingly damaging cells, consequently recovery mechanisms are getting slower as well. This can be exacerbated by inflammation or allergic skin diseases, in which itchy skin causes an intense discomfort to the animal; moreover the injured epithelium can be a source of additional infections. The long-continued healing process and hair shortage causes a lot of serious inconvenience. The Epidermal-Growth-Factor therapy can be given to dogs of any age in case of skin injury, skin inflammation, fur loss and fur growth disorder. It can be used alone or as a supplementation of treatment.

Dogs with eczema started with the BiogenicPet Vitality as a supplementation of the prescribed treatment. Compared to previous cases the healing process was much faster and its effect was really convincing.


The BiogenicPET Vitality’s excellent effect is due to the elements it contains. First of all, due to the Humanofort, which is made of growth factors produced by embrional origin so called „multipotent” cells. The multipotents cells can be found in the first period of the embryonic growth and are able for an intense cell division and differentation, moreover there are several tissue types may develop from them. Those growth factors that can be found in multipotent cells are responsible for producing different types of tissues. These are the factors that the medical use of Humanofort takes advantage of.

Insuline-like Growth Factors (IGF-1, IGF-2) are responsible for liver, kidney and brain growth, moreover the ballance of the hormone household.

Nerve-Growth-Factors (NGF) protect the viability and integrity of neurons thus alleviates anxiety and depression, maintain the health of the nervous system.

Connective-Tissue-Growth-Factors (CTGF) affecting tissues first and foremost stimulate the regeneration process of joints thus reduce pain.

Fibroblast-Growth-Factors (FGF) play an important role in the development of skeleton and nervous system, moreover stimulate their regeneration.

Epithelial-Growth-Factors (EGF) help to regenerate various wounds more quickly, moreover help to grow shiny and rich hairs.

An 11 years old dog has been having steroid therapy due to limping on hind legs. Started with magnetotherapy and BiogenicPET Vitality therapy, moreover left steroid at the same time. The dog’s condition has significantly improved and doesn’t have any symptoms.


Oral analgesics that are given to our pets often cause increased gastric acid production, diarrhea or stomach ulcer. Nutritional supplements are not always enough to regenerate cells and tissues. By giving BiogenicPET Vitality to dogs we can reduce or prevent side effects of steroid or not steroid type inflammatory medicines.

A 10 years old Puli has been in therapy for long time with a stubborn dermatitis. Steroid treatment was not successful. Finally, its condition started to get better spectacularly as a result of the Epidermal-Growth-Factor therapy by administering 2x2 BiogenicPET Vitality tablet. The Puli’s condition is very good now and doesn’t need steroid therapy anymore.