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Looking for Distributors

The producing company of BiogeniPet Vitality is one of the leaders of the Hungarian pet-vet products distribution and retail since 1989. Currently we export to several European countries but there are still open countries which we are looking for distribution partners.

The pet market is a multi billion dollar industry and pet owners are becoming more and more conscious about the quality of the products they purchase for their beloved pets. The prevention of chronic diseases are among the areas pet owners are shopping for and this opens the opportunity for BiogenicPet Vitality products to be introduced to pet owners throughout Europe.

BiogenicPet Vitality represents a viable 100% natural solution in a new league of alternative over-the-counter feed supplements market. BiogenicPet Vitality is widely distributed in the Hungarian market including veterinarian practices, pet stores, breeders, and groomers who distribute our products thereby gaining additional commercial benefits in their practices.

Currently in Hungary we sell over 10,000 units of BiogenicPet Vitality products with a dog population of 1.5M. Just in Europe alone there are a total of 85M dogs registered thus the opportunity to start your own market is wide open. We are growing so fast that we are looking for distributors throughout the world.

The active ingredient Humanofort (standardized oligopeptide) is a one-of-a-kind growth-factor therapy (not to be confused with hormonal therapy) and the manufacturing process is protected by an International patent. Further the safety and efficacy of standardized oligopeptide (Humanofort) is supported by world-renown clinical studies and publications.

We are looking for exclusive distributors and whether you are a whole-sale distributor in your market or a retailer, or have an online store contact us and we can provide you with the terms of becoming an exclusive BiogenicPet Vitality distributor in your market. More new products are under way so entering the market is the perfect time before a market explosion.