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Lifelong Vitality Club

The manufacturer and distributor of BiogenicPet Vitality products is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of life of our pets. We believe that every animal deserves a pain-free happy life and one of our goals is to provide healthy longevity for as many pets as possible. The Lifelong Vitality Club provides help and support for this purpose!

Since our inception, several dogs, cats and pets in need owe their recovery and healthy longevity to BiogenicPet Vitality’s special and unique growth factor therapy.

The main advantage of club membership is an additional lifetime 10% discount from the basket value! Club membership is conditional on the BiogenicPet Vitality product trial, sharing the experiences gained during the trial, as well as registration.

Keep in mind that BiogenicPet Vitality is not only recommended for dogs and cats with serious musculoskeletal problems and severe joint pain, but also significant improvement can be expected in cases of separation anxiety, listlessness, or loss of appetite.

Important requirements for presenting the experience gained during product testing:

  • Your name
  • Your pet’s name, breed, sex, and age
  • A brief description of your pet’s condition, any treatments before the product trial
  • A list of experiences during the BiogenicPet Vitality product trial
  • Would you recommend BiogenicPet Vitality for others in similar situation?
  • A brief summary of the product and product trial in connection with your pet.

It is IMPORTANT to take a few photos and a short video of your pet before the product trial - the BEFORE condition, just like you would about the outcome and results of the product trial - the AFTER condition, capturing joyful moments with a few photos and sharing a short video.

Sign up now! The number of satisfied pet owners is constantly growing. Everyone’s experience counts and enriches the lives of fellow club members. Register now and we will support you every step of the way during the product trial; we will send you a reminder email about the important details listed above and provide useful tips for taking photos and videos.


IMPORTANT! Your data is handled with utmost confidentiality and won’t be disclosed to third parties!