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BiogenicPet Vitality SMALL - 60 tablets (1 month supply)

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BiogenicPet Vitality Small is a special nutritional supplement containing growth-factors for small and medium-size puppies and adult dogs up to 25 kg body weight. The tablet contains three active ingredients: Humanofort® (standardized oligopeptide), Selenium and Vitamin-E. Humanofort® contains pharmaceutical grade extract of growth factors from natural sources. These growth factors are low molecular weight proteins (standardized oligopeptides) isolated from fertilized hen eggs.

Among the growth factors are Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) which helps rejuvenate damaged and aged connective tissue and induce collagen production; and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which helps rejuvenate damaged and aged skin tissue and induce hair and fur growth. Humanofort® has been clinically proven to have proliferative activity for different cell types involved in tissue rejuvenation in the body.

Expected delivery: September 30, 2021
Model: BPVS60
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Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars! (14)
Manufacturer: Alpha-Vet


Areas of benefits

  • Supports the regeneration processes of the skin, hair, and intestinal mucosa
  • Improves the protection of the intestinal mucosa in case of harmful side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Slows down the aging process of cells 
  • Supplementary feeding of senior animals and/or animals of any age suffering from painful chronic joint disease supports faster rejuvenation of joints and ligaments tissues.
  • Supplementary feeding of animals of any age suffering from dermal injuries or disease supports faster regeneration of epithelial tissues and faster recovery from skin injuries. 
  • Supplementary feeding of animals of any age suffering from alopecia and hair growth disorders supports faster rejuvenation of epithelial tissues and faster hair/fur growth.
  • Supplementary feeding of animals of any age for the elimination of adverse side-effects of stress caused by anxiety, internal (cellular) and environmental factors (i.e. separation anxiety, dog-shows, travelling).
  • Supplementary feeding of animals of any age for the protection of gastrointestinal tract during medication with steroid and non-steroid drugs.

Recommended Dose

For maximum benefits always try to keep to the recommended twice a day dose. In cases of injuries (joint, knee, hip, skin, etc.) or after surgery and/or experiencing chronic pain double the daily dose until symptoms have improved and pain has disappeared. Under normal condition and to aid the rejuvenation of cells and tissues in the body follow the maintanance dose as described below:

  • Up to 25kgs/55lbs size dogs take 2x1 tablets per day

Composition / Ingredients

  • 25mg Standardized Oligopeptide (Humanofort®)
  • 4.5mg Vitamin-E
  • 6µg Selenium 900mg Brewer’s yeast, Maltodextrin


14 rating
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| 5 out of 5 Stars!
Klemi is a 14 year old spaniel. She was showing signs of old age, almost every month something bother her joints, had a little diarrhea, and didn’t have an appetite. We went to the University of Veterinary Medicine’s Clinic for a check up where the BiogenicPet Vitality was recommended. Before we started with this supplement we were giving Klemi the Béres drops which had an effect but not as significant as BiogenicPET Vitality. Since then, she has become much more energetic, her appetite came back, and she is cheerful. She absolutely does not look like she is 14 years old. Fortunatelly she has not had any health problems since she has been taking BiogenicPET Vitality.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
When my Yorkshire dog, Bella, was 8 months old, she was diagnosed with a rare disease of "luxating patella" in English. The dog has a slipped knee and feels pain when he has to go, an early gout - arthritis. Your veterinarian has suggested surgery to try to correct the problem before it gets worse. However, I have not received any guarantee that this intervention will produce results. Recovery would have taken a long time and constant supervision. Reflecting on the situation, I thought we wouldn’t undertake the surgery yet. Bella started taking BiogenicPET Vitality so I could see if this could help avoid surgery. Well, that was 2 years ago. There has been no problem with his knee since. He bounces outside in the yard and hunts for moles. Bella is 3 years old and is always taking BiogenicPet Vitality. Thank you BiogenicPet!
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
We have a pug who had Perthes disease and knee patella, had several surgeries. He has been running and energetic ever since he started taking BiogenicPet Vitality and the muscle strength is already starting to return to his thighs. I highly recommend it !!!
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
My westie was abused as a puppy, his hips were broken and grew back on his own because the former owner didn't take him to the doctor. Due to his injuries his movement was never pain free. I read about the BiogenicPet Vitality product and ever since we started taking it he has become energetic, cheerful, even clowning and running up and down! Of course, I only let a little run-around because he is around 12 years old and want to preserve his youthfulness for many more years. I highly recommend this product !!!
| 4 out of 5 Stars!
BiogenicPet Vitality was recommended for hair loss problem and in a few months it completely restored the my dog’s hair - now it is beautiful and shining. The only "side effect" is that after taking the tablets he likes to "court" our feet :)
| 4 out of 5 Stars!
I bought it for my aging 11-year-old cavalier dog. Her movement has visibly improved.
Her mood is very good and regained her appetite. She is also cheerful and agile. I owe this to the BiogenicPet Vitality product.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
Our miniature schnauzer named Ribizli is 15 years old. We wanted to give him some vitamins because of his age and BiogenicPet Vitality was recommended in the AlphaZoo shop at EuroCenter. He's been taking it for a year. Fortunately, we only started giving it to him as a precaution, but we still see improvement in him to this day. He is much happier and more energetic. In the last few weeks we have noticed that the two hind legs were weaker and not always raised. Just then I decided to double the dose and after 1 week I started to see an improvement. We have taken the stairs away from him so that he does not have to force himself there and the double dose of BiogenicPet Vitality had almost completely left his complaints. He has been receiving a double dose ever since. So far we have been very satisfied with the product, now especially that he has so much improvement in his legs. Thank you so much for the kind service of the people who work there, I am always happy to go shopping with them and ask my questions because I get a complete answer to everything, not only in terms of vitamin but also in terms of nutrition, this is no longer the case in most places these days. Thanks
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
Scotty is a 10-year-old Westie. He lived his whole life around stairs and unfortunately this did not pass without a trace in his joints. Before we started giving him the BiogenicPet Vitality he was only occasionally able to get down the stairs with our help. After finishing two monthly doses his joint complaints disappeared and his mobility improved significantly. I can only recommend this product to any dog owner with a joint problem.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
I’m a 3-year-old Havanese boy named Bubu, and since I was a puppy my owner has noticed that I scratched my ears and licked my paws often when I was eating food with a poultry ingredient. I have been taking BiogenicPet Vitality product for a month now and I already have a positive experience with these symptoms. The Alpha Zoo store in Miskolc recommended this product to us along with a lot of useful advice. Thank You.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
Our 13-year-old Mischievous Sprite Bruno bichon havanese was born on May 13, 2003 and became a family member with us under the name Casper. Physically, aging meant only his deteriorating vision, and sometimes on his movement. The years 2014-2015 brought a lot of tragedies and changes in the life of our family so from the beginning of 2015 he developed constant very dilute diarrhea. Even after several blood draws and ultrasound examinations it was not revealed what could be wrong, and in fact, veterinarians only suspected stress. Several medications and changes in diet did not work, and his diarrhea did not go away. In the autumn of 2015, we found the AlphaZoo specialty store on the József Attila street store in Miskolc. Here, the shop staff recommended us holistic foods and the BiogenicPET Vitality tablet, which we have been giving her continuously when feeding him. After 1-2 months - the diarrhea that had lasted for more than half a year completely disappeared, his movement was rejuvenated and his vision was significantly improved. It's like we have a young, vibrant puppy again. We have also used it as a cure to treat the fur problems of one of our saved kittens. We are very pleased with the beneficial results of the tablet and recommend it to anyone who wants to speed up the regeneration of their sick pet or make their aging pet trouble-free for their remaining years.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
Berti is a 14-month-old medium-sized mix dog. Adopted fromthe shelter. BiogenicPet Vitality was recommended by our veterinarian to avoid and prevent possible medical problems due to the problematic puppy-reated issues. His behavior has become more relaxed and balanced.The doctor also said that this product is very helpful for my dog in general and suggested to keep taking it for life.Thank you very much!
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
My dog Bella is 6 years old and already showing signs of aging. I purchased the BiogenicPet Vitality product on recommendation and after a few days of taking it I notice the changes in Bella. She is more agile, fitt and the her fur is brighter. Her appetite has also recovered.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
My dear Bolognese suffered from fur loss and chewed his legs. I was looking for a vitamin for him. I bought a box of BiogenicPet Vitality on the recommendation of a friend. I was told that this product would help even if there was an allergy or some other problem. Another package later we found that the fur loss has stopped and the chewing of his legs almost completely stopped.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
My beautiful FIFI is my best friend. He started limping 2 years ago and barely stood on his hind legs in the morning. The diagnosis was dysplasia. He started taking BiogenicPet Vitality and after the first month there were noticeable changes. Today we can go together again to visit our favorite places.